All activities of our carton company focus on the most important, the wishes of our clients. With regard to their requirements, we create perfect packaging in every detail.

Dear business friends, we would like to introduce to you our carton company PACK4U. Our company has been engaged in the processing of corrugated cardboard packaging for a long time. Our long-term partner is a company engaged in the sale of new and used cartoning machines with 20 years of experience in the  market F66 machinery (www.f66.cz), so we can honestly state that our machines are selected with professional care and always in perfect technical condition, ready to process the highest quality products for our customer. All production technologies are owned by our company and in our production facilities. For this reason, we are not tied to subcontractors and the production process of corrugated or solid cardboard processing is thus significantly cheaper and faster. Our company has its own production, offices and storage facilities with an area of ​​approx. 3.000 m2 and land around of 18.000 m2. For our customer we process corrugated cardboard on machines with the following parameters, see. "PRODUCTION" section:

We provide complete services from design to implementation ...